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Palazzo Grande Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow photo booths?

Yes and we will provide a table for them if they require one at no additional charge.

Am I able to use any vendor or do they have to come off of your list?

You are more than welcome to use any vendor you’d like and are comfortable with. Ours are just there to get you started and who we know does an exceptional job for our clients.

Where do I make a check out to?

The Palazzo Grande

Do you serve gluten free meals, vegetarians, vegan meals etc?

We will always accommodate special dietary needs or food allergies. Let us know what you need about 2 weeks before your event at your final detail appointment.

Do you have kids meals and what are they’re prices?

Kids ranging from 5-12 will be charged half price of you dinner meal. Those under 5 will be complimentary however they are not counted towards your guest minimum. We have chicken tender meals available for those that need it.

When can I get my floor plan?

During your final detail appointment 10-14 days prior to your wedding, we will create you a floor plan specifically designed for your wedding.

When will you need final counts for my wedding?

We will be in contact about 1 month before your wedding to schedule a final detail appointment. The final detail appointment will take place about 10-14 days before the wedding which is when your final counts are due.

What centerpieces do you have?

The Palazzo Grande does not offer anything for centerpieces.

What table cloths are included?

We include white, ivory, or black NON FLOOR LENGTH table cloths and napkins. They are a basic poly cotton fabric.

Do you have other sized tables?

Yes, the other most popular is rectangular tables that fit UP TO 14 guests. Keep in mind we can create tables to seat different amounts of people.

Do I have to have 10 at every table?

No, our tables sit UP TO 10 guests. Closer to your wedding, you’ll let us know how many guests are at each table

What size are your round tables?

66 inches in diameter and they fit UP TO 10 guests.